How to continue Chatting in Facebook app without installing Facebook Messenger

Facebook Tweak - No Need of Messenger

If you’re not happy with Facebook’s decision to force you into using the Facebook Messenger app, then as some of our readers have pointed out, there is a simple way to continue using the Facebook app to chat with your family and friends if you’ve jailbroken your iOS device.

A jailbreak tweak aptly called FBNoNeedMessenger prevents the Facebook app from redirecting you to the Facebook Messenger app when you tap on the Messages tab. You will be able to continue chatting in the Facebook app without the need to install Facebook Messenger.

FBNoNeedMessenger is available for free on Cydia. The jailbreak tweak doesn’t provide any settings. All you need to do is install the tweak from Cydia to stop the Facebook app from redirecting you to Facebook Messenger when you tap on the Messages tab, and use the old in-built chat feature.

It looks like Facebook still hasn’t removed the chat functionality in the Facebook app so it is possible to use this workaround.

If you’ve haven’t jailbroken your iOS device yet, then visit our jailbreak page to find the link to the latest jailbreak guide. It is very easy using jailbreak tools like Pangu jailbreak.

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➤ Cydia link – Free