How to turn your iPhone into a VR headset with Google Cardboard


During this year’s Google I/O, along with a variety of gadgets, Google also handed each attendee a cheap Virtual Reality headset that was just made out of cardboard. The cardboard headset paired with a smartphone and the right apps provides a really neat 3D experience.

Google says the Cardboard works only with Android phones, but it turns out that there are iOS apps that support a similar VR headset called the Durovis Dive, and they work pretty well with Cardboard.

So here’s how you convert your iPhone into a VR headset with Google Cardboard

  • You of course need to have a Google Cardboard handy with you, and if you don’t, you can buy it from Amazon for $20.
  • Android phones are bigger than the iPhone, so putting a case on your iPhone makes it fit better in the Cardboard headset.
  • Now you’ll have to download one of the compatible iOS apps that are capable of projecting stereoscopic content. We’ve included a list below.
  • Just open any one of these apps, put the iPhone in the headset and you should now have a very cheap VR headset.

Compatible apps

Here’s a video demo made by the folks at 9to5Mac:

Virtual Reality is expected to be the next big frontier of innovation in gaming, and until the Oculus Rift launches a consumer version, Google Cardboard is a really cool, yet cheap, VR solution.