Gruber: ‘Apple’s wrist wearable thing’ coming in September [Updated]

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Even when there’s not much information to go on, sometimes all it takes is a little tease to get everything you’re looking for. For anyone who’s hoping to see Apple’s iWatch, we may have something to look forward to in September.

Motorola recently showcased what the Moto 360 smartwatch will look like when it’s being charged wirelessly, and John Gruber, the founder of Daring Fireball and a notorious name when it comes to Apple-related information (he nailed the iPad 2’s resolution, and information regarding the iPad mini), had some interesting things to say about it. However, the most interesting part came at the end:

The only way this could get funnier would be if it doesn’t even ship until after Apple announces their wrist wearable thing next month.

So, there we go. While it’s far from a definitive announcement from Apple, with Gruber’s track record, this is a step in the right direction. There have been quite a few rumors about the iWatch, most regarding the launch date, or even when it might go into mass production, with many reports suggesting it won’t launch until after September. Most indications of an October launch date. With Gruber’s input, though, it may be sooner, rather than later.

Is that good news for you?


Gruber has clarified that it was just a joke, and he doesn’t know when Apple will launch its iWatch:

[via Daring Fireball]