Apple adds Musa Tariq as new digital marketing director

Musa Tariq

Apple’s hiring spree hasn’t slowed, apparently, as the company has just added another fresh face to the employee list. This time around, it’s a digital marketing position they’ve filled.

As originally reported by AppleInsider, Musa Tariq has officially confirmed his new role at Apple, with a tweet published on August 4, probably aimed at cracking a few smiles in Cupertino:

First day of school! Hope the other kids like me!

Apple is adding Tariq from Nike, where he served as the fitness-focused company’s senior director of social media and community until about mid-July. Before he joined Nike, though, he worked with Angela Ahrendts at Burberry. Ahrendts, if you’ll recall, was recently added to Apple as well earlier in 2014, as the senior vice president of retail and online sales.

Tariq has quite a few things to be proud of during his time handling social media for major corporations. At Burberry, he created the “tweetwalk,” which synced up a live tweet stream with a runway show, allowing those out there in the world who couldn’t attend the ability to see what was happening as it happened. Additionally, the british magazine Marketing Magazine named Tariq one of its “Power 100” in the most influential marketers in the United Kingdom in late 2013.

Another big name hire for Apple, and one that has such a track record for promoting the brands he represents, Tariq will have an interesting and hopefully positive role in Apple’s future digital marketing. After all, they can’t all be commercials with Siri and the Beats Pill mascots.

[via AppleInsider; @MusaTariq]