Watch the video of the New Lightning Cable with reversible USB connector in action

New Lightning cable with reversible USB connector

We’ve seen couple of leaked photos of the new Lighning cable, which has revealed that it could come with a reversible USB connector.

Sonny Dickson, the Australian-based blogger, who leaked parts of the iPhone 5s and iPad Air before it was launched last year, and had posted a photo of the new Lightning cable with the reversible USB connector, has just posted couple of videos of the new Lightning cable.

The first video shows the new Lightning cable’s reversible USB connector in action by reversing and plugging it in both directions.

In the second video, which was sent to 9to5Mac, it shows the new Lightning cable working with the iPhone in both directions.

A patent application filed by Apple has also confirmed that the company is indeed working on a fully reversible Lightning connector.

Apple is likely to start shipping the new Lightning cable with iPhone 6, which is expected to be unveiled at the special event on September 9th, followed by the launch on September 19th. In addition to the reversible USB connector and support for USB 3.0, the new Lightning cable could also add support for high-definition audio playback on Made for iPhone accessories, which was reported earlier in the year.