Rumored iPad Air 2 rear shell images showcase recessed volume controls and more

iPad Air 2 rear shell leak

In June, we heard the first batch of rumors surrounding the next-gen iPad Air. Now, a new batch of photos have cropped up purportedly showcasing what the rear shell of the iPad Air 2 might look like.

Some photos have been published to the Chinese social networking site Weibo, which are believed to be the rear shell casing for the next-generation iPad Air. While not confirmed, the design of the rear shell, which was initially published by 9to5Mac, does outline a very similar device to the current generation device, with some obvious changes.

Specifically, we can see a redesign speaker, a microphone that has been repositioned next to the camera lens, and recessed volume controls. Other than that, the overall design does bear a striking resemblance to the current design of the iPad Air, not including the aforementioned differences. As far as those changes are concerned, there are certainly others to be excited about, including an 8-megapixel camera on the back, and a new A8 chipset under the hood.

Are you looking forward to the iPad Air 2? What do you think of these leaked images?

[via 9to5Mac; Weibo]