Soft is a Beautiful Winterboard theme for the iPhone

If you’ve been looking for a new theme to rock on your iPhone, you’re in the right place. Soft is a theme that I’ve been using close to since it was released and it hasn’t let me down. From it’s original sounds to it incredible icons, this is a theme you’ll want to experience for yourself.

The main thing people are going to see when looking for a new Winterboard theme is the icons. The icons have to look great yo you won’t be too interested in what else it has to offer. Well, as you can see below, Soft icons are off the charts.


And if the icons aren’t enough to blow you away, then check out the newly designed quick launch apps in the Control Center.


Sometimes when you find a good theme with great icons, it’s still hard to find a wallpaper to accompany it. Luckily, Soft provides you with 15 different wallpapers to choose from. So whatever look you’re going for, you’ll probably be able to get close with the wallpapers that are packaged with the theme.


One thing that I really enjoyed, and actually didn’t even test until a day after I installed it, was the keyboard sounds. I usually have my device muted but the keyboard sounds have a more hollow and “soft” sound than the original sounds that shipped with iOS. You’ll also get a nice little lock sound when you lock the device. This will just be something you’ll have to test for yourself.

These icons do flow over into the Settings app and the banner notifications as you can see below.


Check out the video walkthrough below:

If you want to check out Soft, you can download it from the MacCiti repo for $2.00 and I think it’s well worth it. Let me know what you guys think about Soft in the comments below. What’s your favorite theme?