How to access Phone Favorites and Recent Contacts faster in iOS 8

Accessing recent contacts has become a lot more easier in iOS 8.

When you double press on the Home button, in addition to the recently opened apps, you will now be able to access Favorites and recent contacts at the top of the screen.

The recent contacts whether it was via a call, a message or FaceTime call will show up in the list.

When you double press the Home button, by default it will show you the recent contacts, but you scroll to the left to access your phone favorites. There doesn’t seem to any restriction on the number of favorites show in the app switcher.

iOS 8 - recent contacts

You will be able to scroll through a list of up to 8 recent contacts at a time. When you tap on a contact, you will get an option to make a mobile call, send a text message, or make a FaceTime audio or video call.

Apple has made good use of the unused space in the multitasking app switcher. You can now quickly access to phone favorites and people from recent calls and conversations.

If you don’t see Recent Contacts in the app switcher then it is probably disabled. You should make sure that it is enabled in the Settings app.

  • Launch the Settings app
  • Tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendar
  • Scroll down and tap on Show in App Switcher
  • Ensure the On/Off toggle for Recents is enabled, if not, tap on the On/Off toggle to enable it.
iOS 8 Recent Contacts

If you don’t want to see the recent contacts in the app switcher then disable the On/Off toggle for Recents in the Settings app.

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