How to add, remove or re-order share options and actions in iOS 8

When you tap on the share icon in apps like Safari, it pops up a small window called the share sheet, which gives a list of sharing options such as Message, Mail, Twitter, Facebook etc, and another list of actions such as Add Bookmark, Add to Reading list, Add to Home Screen, Copy and Print.

In iOS 8, you will see a lot more of these options, as third-party apps can offer share options and custom actions.

To make it easier to manage the options in the share sheet, iOS 8 gives you an option to add, remove and re-order options in the share sheet. Follow these instructions on how to add, remove or re-order share options and actions:

How to add, remove or re-order Share options and actions

  • In the Safari app, tap on the Share icon (Note, we’re taking Safari just as an example. You will be able to do this in other apps that offer the share sheet).
iOS 8 - Share options & Custom Actions
  • Then slide to the right, and tap on the new More option.
iOS 8 - Share options & Custom Actions
  • To re-order the share options, tap the icon that looks like a small stack of three lines on the right. The option you’ve selected will become active.
iOS 8 - Share options & Custom Actions
  • Drag the option to the position in the list you want it and let it go.
  • You can repeat this till you’ve re-ordered the options based on your preference.
  • To remove options, tap on the On/Off toggle to turn it off.
  • Tap Done to save the changes.
  • Alternatively, you can also re-order the share options or actions in the Share sheet, by taping and holding on the icon and dragging it, just like you would do with app icons on the Home screen.

You can follow the same process for the actions as well.

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