Apple opens the doors at iPhone stress-testing facility, shows off the inner workings

image iPhone stress test

Bending an iPhone is all the rage these days. As is par for the course when these sorts of “things” happen, the internet catches fire and it’s all that’s talked about for days. Perhaps as a result, or just good timing, Apple has allowed journalists into the stress-testing plant to show off what an iPhone goes through before it heads out to the public.

“Bendgate” is a thing, now, so it’s not really a surprise that journalists would be granted access to see where iPhones go, during their production process, to get stress tested. Of course, these are the real stress tests, and not so much the devices that get bent, or tossed under trains — or even shot with arrows. As The Verge reports, there are several different tests that iPhones go through. That includes the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus.

image iPhone stress test3

The tour was headed up by the SVP of Hardware Engineering Dan Riccio. During it, several different tests were performed on the current-generation iPhone 6 lineup. But, more than anything, the tour was obviously meant to outline that, during a normal day, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus can last perfectly fine. The tests go from twisting and bending displays, to the housing body, and even with simulations of sitting on the device while it’s in the back pocket.

image iPhone stress test2

Apple has made a statement regarding the bending of iPhones, and has said that only a small amount of people have actually complained about their iPhone 6 Plus bending. Apple has also said that, after inspection, if someone has indeed suffered from a bent iPhone 6 model, they will replace it. You can check out the full report through the source link below if you want to dig into iPhone 6 stress testing on a whole different level.


Here’s the video of the facility via CNBC:

[via The Verge]