Apple Watch features Digital Crown, a versatile Home button for the smartwatch

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 2.13.48 PM

Apple on Tuesday introduced the highly-anticipated Apple Watch, its first smartwatch and official entrance into the wearable device market. Since pinch-to-zoom doesn’t make much sense on the Apple Watch’s small screen, the device features a versatile, physical Home button on the side of the smartwatch known as Digital Crown. 

On the side of the flexible, sapphire crystal glass Retina display of the Apple Watch lies the Digital Crown, a small, circular dial that you can use to scroll, zoom and navigate the smartwatch without covering the display with your fingers or palm of your hand.

Digital Crown can be used to magnify content, scroll through lists and messages and make selections, all without obstructing the screen.

While the iPhone had Multi-Touch, the iPod had a Click Wheel and the Macintosh introduced a mouse, Digital Crown is the Apple Watch’s own fundamental solution to magnifying content on such a small display.

We’ll be providing comprehensive coverage of the Apple Watch and Digital Crown in the hours, days and weeks ahead. Keep it locked on iPhoneHacks.