Apple Watch first impressions from fashion sites and timepiece experts all point to a strong wearable debut

Apple Watch Designs

On September 9, the first impressions of hands-on experiences with the Apple Watch started making the rounds after the media event where Apple officially announced the Watch, but most of these consisted of reports from tech journalists and sites. Now, a new roundup has put together the thoughts and opinions of fashion sites and watch experts that managed to get their hands on the new device.

The roundup was published by MacRumors, and it goes over several different sites, and combs the comments from different individuals within the style and watch industries, to compile a quick rundown of what people think of Apple’s new wearable. For example, the fashion magazine InStyle intoned that the Watch was “well worth the wait,” while publishing a list of five reasons why “fashionistas will swoon” for the Apple Watch.

As for the timepiece perspective, a leading site in the watch industry, Hodinkee, opined that the Watch could be a real threat to existing brands out there in the market, including Swiss watchmakers, citing that Apple got many details right that other brands have missed over the years, especially for devices priced similarly.

The overall level of design in the Apple Watch simply blows away anything — digital or analog — in the watch space at $350. There is nothing that comes close to the fluidity, attention to detail, or simple build quality found on the Apple Watch in this price bracket.

The same site also adds that one focus of the Watch, the customizable bands, is one area that Apple gets right, or “NAILED.”

“…the attention to detail on the straps and bracelets themselves is downright incredible, and when I mentioned above that nothing comes close in this price range, it is very visible when talking about straps.

All-in-all, the general consensus from a wide range of experts, from tech to fashion to watches, all seem to point to a Watch that will make quite the dent in the market when it launches in early 2015. For $349, do you plan on picking one up?

You can head through the source link below to check out other quotes, and read the rest of the roundup.

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