Third-party developers will be able to make Apple Watch apps with WatchKit


Apple today unveiled the long awaited Apple wearable called the Apple Watch at its special event in Flint Center, Cupertino. The Apple Watch comes with a number of Apple’s own apps and features, but Apple is also opening up the platform to developers.

Using WatchKit, a new SDK, third-party developers will be able to develop apps for the Apple Watch. Notifications can automatically show up on the Apple Watch, but developers can do a lot more with WatchKit.

Apple’s initial list of WatchKit parters includes Twitter, American Airlines, City Mapper, BMW, Pinterest, MLB, Honeywell and more.

bmw watch city mapper watch

You can quickly see your boarding pass with American Airlines’ Watch app:

aa watch

The Twitter Watch app with let you see your timeline, check trending topics and also let you send tweets.

twitter watch

The SPG Hotel app will automatically let you unlock your hotel room by waving your Watch.

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