Artist ‘professionally microwaves’ gold iPhone 6 Plus, lists it on eBay for $6,660

image Microwaved iPhone 6 Plus

There were a lot of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices sold over the weekend, according to Apple, and we’ve already seen people drop their new devices in front of cameras. What hasn’t been seen, though, is a “professional microwaving.” Until now.

Artist Kenny Irwin got his hands on a gold-plated iPhone 6 Plus, gave it an unboxing of sorts with the help of his dad, and then subsequently aimed to make the large iPhone a bright star on the Internet for a whole different reason: by making it explode in a microwave. He has recorded the whole thing, and he’s offering the mini-documentary as an added bonus for anyone who forks over the asking price of this melted and scorched iPhone 6 Plus on eBay.

That asking price is $6,660.

iPhone 6 Plus burned

In the documentary, Irwin opens a package that contains a gold iPhone 6 Plus, does a quick unboxing of the device with his father, makes some comments about how important it is not to drop the new device (before he microwaves it), and then the real show begins. You can watch in the video as the handset succumbs to the microwave pretty quickly, even erupting into a ball of flame for a stretch of time. After dousing some water on it, we finally get to see the ramifications of putting an iPhone 6 Plus in a microwave.

You can check out the video below.

[via Business Insider]