iOS 8 reportedly causing battery drain and slow Wi-Fi issues for many users

image iPhone 6 FI9

iOS 8, which was released to the public on Wednesday, September 17, has seen an adoption rate that’s risen to 30 percent following a record-breaking sales weekend for Apple. According to a new report, though, some users are finding issues with the newest software.

According to the report published on Monday, September 22, by PCMag, many iOS 8 users, on a wide array of devices from the iPhone 5s, to both new models of the iPhone 6, to the iPad mini with Retina display (and others), users are reporting issues with slower-than-expected Wi-Fi speeds, along with battery drain.

The report outlines that many users are complaining about the issues on Apple’s official forums, and that the publication was able to replicate the Wi-Fi issues in their own testing:

I also got an iPhone 6 on Friday, and noticed some sluggishness when connected to my home Wi-Fi network in New York. Twitter and Instagram photos took forever to appear, and opening a news story in Safari was hanging. I did a speed test using the Ookla app and got an abysmal 0.01 Mbps download and 1.05 Mbps upload. Minutes later, another test jumped up to 4.75 Mbps download and 0.24 upload, but a third test was again at 0.02 Mbps download and 0.76 upload.

We ran a poll immediately following the launch of iOS 8 asking readers how their battery life is on their device after updating, and many individuals stated they had issues with battery drain as well.

For some users, a fix has been found in going into Privacy –> Location Services –> System Services. There is also some other methods you can try to improve your overall battery life.

Another issue is battery drain, which quite a few users are also raising their voices about. One user in particular noted that his battery went from 100 percent to zero in a span of four hours, with only minimal usage. Several other users have issued similar complaints.

Have you been having issues with your device after updating to iOS 8?

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