iOS 8 requires 6.9GB of free space to be installed

iOS 8 storage space

On Wednesday, September 17, Apple officially released iOS 8 into the world. With it, plenty of new features, tweaks and improvements came along for the ride. (Just not for every device.) However, if you’re running an iOS device with a limited amount of space, you may run into a problem right away.

Along with any kind of software release or update, one thing is always necessary: storage space. It doesn’t matter how big an update is, you’ll always need more space than that to be able to download it. It is no different for iOS 8. For the newest version of Apple’s software, you’ll need a whopping 6.9GB of free space in your iOS device.

If you can muster up the free space, then the update should be good to go, and the download should be available for your iOS device now.

Have you already downloaded and installed the update?