Benchmark of alleged iPhone 6 reveals 1.38 GHz dual-core A8 chip with 1GB RAM

iPhone 6 Geekbench benchmark

With just a few hours to go for Apple’s hugely anticipated iPhone and iWatch event, folks at GforGames have spotted a benchmark on GeekBench’s website of an alleged iPhone 6.

The benchmark reveals that iPhone 6’s A8 chip could include a dual core processor like the iPhone 5s, and also come with only 1GB RAM again like its predecessor.

As you can see in the screnshot above, the dual-core processor is running at a clock speed of 1.38GHz, which is marginally faster than iPhone 5s’ 1.3GHz A8 chip.

Some rumors have suggested that iPhone 6 will come with 2GB RAM, but recent reports have suggested that iPhone 6 could come with only 1GB RAM.

However, please take this with a grain of salt as the Geekbench score could be easily manipulated. While Apple is likely to provide details about the A8 chip, we will have to wait until the first reviews are out or until iPhone 6 is disassembled to get a confirmation about the RAM as Apple doesn’t tend to reveal how much RAM is included in the new iPhone.

It also remains to be seen if both the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models will be powered by the same A8 chip, or the bigger 5.5-inch model will come with a slightly faster chip like the difference between iPad Air and Retina iPad mini’s A7 chip.

[via GforGames]