Inconsistencies in iPhone 6 Plus bendgate video raise questions over its accuracy

iPhone 6 Plus bend test

The iPhone 6 Plus bending issue quickly turned into a controversy so big that Apple had to officially respond to the issue, and give journalists access to Apple’s stress testing facilities.

Lewis Hilstenteger of Unbox Therapy posted a video a few days back showing the iPhone 6 Plus bending under pressure, and the video has gone viral, clocking over 30 million views. However, questions are being raised over the accuracy of the video after a few viewers discovered some inconsistencies in it.

From Pocket-Lint:

Notice the video shows the iPhone 6 Plus drastically bending at 1:40 minutes, and the time on the phone at that point displays 2:26 PM. The man in the video then proceeds to explain around 2:35 minutes into the video that he just finished bending the phone with his thumbs.

But there’s one problem with that version of events: The iPhone 6 Plus he supposedly “just” bent displays the time 1:59 PM around 2:45 minutes into the video, roughly 27 minutes before the smartphone is shown succumbing to little pressure.

The allegation is that he bent and straightened the iPhone a few times, and then shot the part which shows the iPhone 6 Plus “easily” bending under pressure.

Another weird thing people noticed in the video is Lewis incorrectly describing the point of pressure.

Lewis on his part explains that he had to reshoot the overhead shot of the video again, which is why the inconsistency in the chronology:

What do you think of this inconsistency? Is it something fishy, or just a retake, as Lewis says? Let us know in the comments below.