People take bend test to the next level by bending iPhone 6 Plus in Apple Store

Bent iPhone 6

If you have even an ounce of common sense, you probably don’t need to be told this: please don’t bend the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus at Apple Stores. Over the weekend, that’s exactly what a pair of British teenagers named Kylie and Danny did at an Apple Store in the United Kingdom. Even worse, they decided to make a video of the bending.

While you can argue that these are simply kids that are making a mistake, there are also grown men that are walking into Apple Stores and attempting to bend the iPhone 6 Plus as well. Simply put: don’t do that. Before you consider doing this yourself, remember that you are blatantly tampering with a product that you have not purchased.

Apple has a full right to hold you responsible to bending an iPhone 6 Plus display model if they choose to do so, and you will look idiotic even if they don’t. Plus, all you are doing is prolonging media attention to a virtual non-issue. Apple reports that, in the first six days of iPhone 6 sales, it received only 9 complaints about bending.

Watch the self-incriminating video below as the pair of teenagers bend the iPhone 6 Plus at an Apple Store without getting caught:

The controversy surrounding iPhone 6 bending, informally known as Bendgate, gained traction when Unbox Therapy posted a YouTube video in which he bends the iPhone 6 Plus on camera with his hands. The Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 also fell victim to similar bend tests, so the iPhone is certainly not the only affected device.

Again, this whole issue has been blown way out of proportion by iPhone critics and the mainstream media. Consumer Reports recently found the iPhone 6 Plus far less prone to bending than perceived, and Apple has promised to replace bent units following a Visual Mechanical Inspection in the rare event that you do bend your smartphone.

What do you think of Bendgate?

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