iPhone 6 Plus display rated ‘Best Smartphone LCD Ever Tested’ by DisplayMate, iPhone 6 ranks high as well

image iPhone 6 display

When Apple unveiled the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus on September 9, they officially unveiled bigger, sharper displays. And, according to tests run by DisplayMate, the iPhone 6 Plus has earned quite the impressive bullet point.

DisplayMate is known for running thorough, complete tests of displays for a wide range of smartphones, and they’ve recently put the iPhone 6 Plus (and iPhone 6) under the microscope in a “iPhone 6 Display Technology Shoot-Out.” The goal? To test the performance of Apple’s “Retina HD” panels, which are both equipped on their new flagship models. The test results were impressive, as DisplayMate’s Ray Soneira boasted the iPhone 6 Plus’s display is the “best performing Smartphone LCD display that we have ever tested.”

It should be noted that this test is specifically meant for LED displays, and that other tests have resulted in OLED (like on the Galaxy Note 4 from Samsung) as the “best overall display.”

Overall, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have great displays, and DisplayMate says that either one will make plenty of people happy:

While the display on the iPhone 6 has almost identical performance to the iPhone 6 Plus, it only has a 1.0 Mega Pixel display, significantly lower than the 2.1 pixels on the iPhone 6 Plus, and the 2.1 to 3.7 Mega Pixels found on all of the other leading Smartphones. While its 326 ppi and 1334×750 resolution qualifies it as an HD Retina display, there are a number of other significant advantages for going to higher resolutions that exceed the limits set by normal 20/20 Vision. For one, it is particularly important to have as many pixels as possible when digitally rescaling images from their native resolution to the display that they are being viewed on. Most images require rescaling and most rescaled images (from either higher or lower resolutions) with fine text and graphics look noticeably to considerably better in side-by-side comparisons on the iPhone 6 Plus with 2.1 Mega Pixels compared to just 1.0 Mega Pixels on the iPhone 6. Twice as many pixels to work with makes a noticeable visual difference. In addition, even with content at their respective native display resolutions, fine text and graphics look better on the iPhone 6 Plus. The display on the iPhone 6 is none-the-less still a Very Good display, and most buyers will be happy with its performance. We’ll examine this in detail below.

With over 10 million in sales over the launch weekend, Apple certainly has another hit on their hands. And, as more testing files out, including impressive benchmarks, word of mouth will certainly help fuel the sales for weeks (and months) to come.

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