iWatch specifications and component drawings allegedly leak ahead of announcement

image iWatch leak9

Leading up to the rumored announcement of Apple’s wearable, which is rumored to take place on September 9 alongside the iPhone 6, leaks tailored to the wearable have been few and far between. But, now a new series of leaked images have surfaced, along with specifications, before the official announcement.

According to the images that were located via Reddit, and surfaced by 9to5Mac, we get a very small glimpse of the shell that could be used for the iWatch, along with a few other details. The CAD drawings mainly outline components of what is believed to be Apple’s wearable, but clearly this is something that could easily be faked, and without the official announcement, have your salt shaker handy.

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The images outline the speaker and mic that will reportedly be within the wearable, along with other key elements, like Siri, and a “flexible, multi-touch screen will add a new dimension to the UI.” The leaked details along with the images also indicate that the iWatch will have wireless charging, a specific detail that has been rumored for quite some time, due to the fact that there are no ports on the watch, or even a lightning cable connector.

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Other details suggest the iWatch will be able to be submerged in water to 20 meters, and will have a battery life that lasts a day. There will also be apparently 8 different models in total, with two different sizes and four color options. It’s been reported quite a bit that the iWatch will come in two sizes, so this is particularly not surprising.

As for the hole seen in the images:

The round hole is for the sensor plate that will be in contact with the skin. The chunk thats missing on the side is where the watch’s crown goes.

Apple is set to host their media event at the Flint Center in California on Tuesday, September 9. There, the company is expected to unveil the iPhone 6, a wearable, and the iPad Air 2. While it is believed that Apple will showcase the wearable at the event, it is believed it will not launch until 2015.

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image iWatch leak
[via 9to5Mac; Reddit]