John Gruber shares iPhone 6 and iWatch predictions ahead of Apple event

iWatch iPhone-like concept

The well-respected John Gruber of Daring Fireball, an Apple pundit that has established a respectable track record over the past decade and beyond, has shared some predictions ahead of the Cupertino-based company’s highly-anticipated media event at 10:00 AM Pacific. We’ve summarized his opinions about what to expect ahead. 

Most of what Gruber expects is based on rumors that have circulated over the past several months, in addition to a pinch of common sense. But it is always interesting to hear what such an authoritative source in the Apple community has to say, and his thoughts make for an interesting discussion on the morning of what should be an exciting day.

First and foremost, Gruber expects Apple to release two new iPhones in 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models. He predicts that both models will be unveiled on September 9th and go on sale together a week or so later, adding that supply for the 5.5-inch model could be very tight for the first few months — think along the lines of the gold iPhone 5s last year.

Grubber pegs the 4.7-inch display as having a screen resolution of 1334×750 pixels at 326 PPI (@2x) and the 5.5-inch model at 2208×1242 pixels and 461 PPI (@3x).

The blogger outlines an iPhone pricing scheme for each model based on new two-year service agreements in the United States:

  • New 5.5-inch iPhone: $299/399/499
  • New 4.7-inch iPhone: $199/299/399
  • iPhone 5S: $99
  • iPhone 5C: “free”

Gruber believes that the iPhone 5c was always intended to be Apple’s free smartphone since it was released, and it will now be positioned as such after a year of being on sale. Next year, the blogger thinks that Apple would likely release a new plastic-backed iPhone with 5S internals and features like Touch ID.

In terms of legacy apps that have not been updated to support iOS 8 and the adaptive layout of the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch displays, Gruber predicts that Apple will simply zoom these apps to fill the screen. They will look somewhat blurry, but less than the old pixel-doubled apps on the iPhone when it first gained a Retina display in 2010.

Gruber projects that the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 will be the only model to get a high-resolution screen, at 461 PPI, since it will be able to house a much larger battery — up to 50% bigger — that is needed for the increased power consumption of such a large display.

Moving on to Apple’s so-called “wrist wearable thing,” Gruber predicts that, if it is indeed a smartwatch, it would likely have a square screen with a resolution around 320×320 pixels. He guesses that Apple is going to do something different with their smartwatch, instead of going the skeuomorphic route of Android Wear by copying analog watches.

“That sort of mimicry of real-world analog objects is exactly what Apple has just spent the last two years eliminating in iOS and OS X,” writes Gruber. “I expect Apple to go some other way. I’ll be very disappointed if this is just a device that shows a fake analog watch face, displays notifications from a tethered iPhone, and tracks your footsteps and heart rate.”

He ends off by claiming that maybe the so-called “iWatch” is just an iPod with a form factor that is unobtrusive and allows you to wear it when you exercise. With health and fitness trackers and HealthBook integration, it just might make sense.

Overall, most of what Gruber predicts makes a lot of sense. In less than three hours, we’ll find out for sure.

[via Daring Fireball]