LG pokes fun at Apple over the iPhone 6 Plus bending controversy using — an iPhone

Everyone from Apple’s rivals to comedians have been taking a dig at the company for the iPhone 6 Plus bending controversy.

As we had reported, LG was one of the rivals to poke fun at Apple with the following tweet.

LG France also tweeted “Our phones don’t bend, they are naturally curved” in French using their official Twitter account using the hashtag #bendgate and a photo of the LG Flex. However, as Daily Dot has spotted, the funny thing is that whoever tweeted it, was using an iPhone rather than an LG phone.

LG France iPhone tweet

If you use Twitter client such as Tweetbot or TweetDeck, you can find out which Twitter client was used to post the tweet. As you can see in the screenshot above, LG France had used Twitter for iPhone to post the tweet, which is quite ironic. LG France has not surprisingly removed the tweet.

We can’t find out which iPhone LG’s social media team was using, but they certainly don’t seem to be fond of LG’s own smartphones.

[via DailyDot]