Samsung, HTC and KitKat among competitors mocking Apple over iPhone 6 Plus bending issue


When we look back at this September in Apple history, it will be a month full of both high and low points. The month began with a massive celebrity photo leak attributed to iCloud ahead of the highly successful iPhone 6 and Apple Watch event, and then Bendgate became a thing just prior to iOS 8.0.1 breaking everyone’s iPhones.

Focusing in on the Bendgate issue, a number of smartphone competitors including Samsung, HTC and Blackberry have taken advantage of the trending topic to mock Apple while they are in the middle of what is arguably a PR disaster. Dare I mention that these companies are nervous that Apple has sold over 10 million iPhones.

Yesterday afternoon, HTC’s official Twitter account in the United States was quick to tweet that its flagship HTC One M8 smartphone is built to withstand the most demanding environments, like pockets, shortly after the Bendgate issue started trending. LG Mobile USA also tweeted that its G Flex is built to flex and not bend.

The subtle attacks didn’t end there, with arguably Apple’s biggest rival in Samsung tweeting that its new Galaxy Note Edge is curved and not bent. Even candy maker KitKat, which sponsored the latest version of Android, joined in the fun by tweeting a picture of a broken — nope, not bent — KitKat chocolate bar.

Bendgate arose this week after videos surfaced of an iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus being bent on camera. The issue extends to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and other smartphones, too, proving that any smartphone made from malleable aluminum is susceptible to bending if enough force is applied.

An Apple support employee recently confirmed that accidentally bent iPhone 6 Plus units will be replaced under warranty if they pass a Visual Mechanical Inspection. It is unknown how Apple will determine whether an iPhone 6 Plus has been accidentally or deliberately bent, but it is still assuring news to hear nevertheless.

Do you think that Bendgate has been blown out of proportion?