SwiftKey Keyboard is launching for iPhone and iPad on September 17

SwiftKey Keyboard for iPhone

On September 9, Apple officially made the public release date for iOS 8 official: September 17. It will be a free download, which will add a wide range of new features and tweaks to your iOS-based device. But, if a new software version isn’t enough, how about a popular third-party keyboard to add to the mix?

SwiftKey has officially announced, via their public blog, the release date for the SwiftKey Keyboard, one of the most popular keyboards available on the Android platform. It’s never been a secret that SwiftKey was bringing their keyboard replacement option to iOS 8, but having a release date is good news for anyone who has been eagerly anticipating the ‘boards arrival.

For those of you who are new to SwiftKey; welcome! SwiftKey’s philosophy is that you should be able to spend less time correcting your typos and more time expressing what you really mean. Our keyboard learns the way you type and the words and phrases that matter to you, constantly adapting to your personal writing style for a smarter typing experience.

SwiftKey offers plenty of great features, like a faster and more accurate autocorrect, so you can type more accurately without having to replace things so often on your own. The keyboard will also proactively suggest common words, and words you use often, as a selectable option, so you don’t have to keep typing away on the keyboard if you don’t want to. But one of the stand-out features for SwiftKey Keyboard is the ability to teach it, from words to people. This feature will also allow you to sync these “lessons” to other devices you’ve got loaded with the SwiftKey Keyboard, as long as you log in (which can be done through a social networking option).

Are you looking forward to the launch of SwiftKey Keyboard?

[via SwiftKey]