Wink is an on-demand Status Bar for iPhone [Jailbreak Tweak]

Wink Cydia

While the Status Bar has been an iconic part of the iPhone’s user interface ever since the smartphone first launched over seven years ago, it isn’t always necessary to have it sitting at the top of the screen. Apple already hides the Status Bar during video playback, and a new jailbreak tweak called Wink makes the Status Bar fully on demand. 

The plug-and-play jailbreak tweak, the work of iOS developer magn2o, hides the Status Bar when you do not need to see it so that you can be provided with additional screen space at any time. It is a simple but useful tweak that makes iOS feel that much more intuitive and cleaner, which is great for those that like customizing their device.

Simply activate your status bar with a single tap, and watch as it fades away until you need it again. The tweak has options that can be configured through the package’s preferences menu in the Settings app, including the ability to change the animation style and duration.


There is a blacklist which contains a list of applications in which Wink will be automatically disabled while opened. For instance, you could configure the Status Bar to always be showing in Safari, Mail, Messages or whichever other applications that you might find it useful.

Furthermore, within the options you will find a list of Status Bar items that can be enabled or disabled: Activity, Airplane Mode, Battery, Battery Percentage, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Battery, Data Network, AirPlay, Alarm, Call Forward and Rotation Lock.

Wink is available on Cydia for free by adding the repository to your sources. To do so, open Cydia and tap on Sources > Edit > Add and then tap on Done when you are finished typing in the address.

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