Apple adds tool to check if Activation Lock is activated via iCloud website

image check Activation Lock Status

Activation Lock is a tool that was introduced with iOS 7, and was subsequently turned on by default with the launch of iOS 8, and now Apple has launched a tool for individuals to find out if an iOS device has been locked to an account.

The tool was recently made available through, according to a report published by iDownloadBlog. The Activation Lock Status tool makes it easy for someone to find out before they purchase a used iOS-based device if the gadget is locked to an account and, therefore, unaccessible by them even after a purchase is made.

You can access the checker through the iCloud website. Once there, you simply input the device’s IMEI, and it will come up with a result that shows, in clear-as-day language, whether or not the device is currently locked to an account. If Activation Lock is indeed activated, it will need to be deactivated before it can be resold to another party if they want it to actually work.

With Activation Lock activated, it means that the device is tied explicitly to a specific Apple ID. If that is the case, even if the handset gets wiped it will still need the original password associated with the Apple ID to completely function. You can find a link to the Activation Tool through the source link below.

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