Samsung Galaxy Note 4 fails a ‘bend test’ too

image Galaxy Note 4 bend test failure

Turns out, some things bend if you try hard enough. Just in case you needed another video to show you that, a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has been put through a “bend test,” and unfortunately for the device it doesn’t go so well.

The video was recently uploaded to YouTube via Unbox Therapy, the same source that has done “bend tests” for other devices, including the iPhone 6 Plus. The first “test” was published in late September, and ever since the internet has been inundated with new videos, with new devices, showing just how much effort it takes to bend something expensive and important. Like your smartphone. We’ve even seen an iPhone 6 Plus compared to the Galaxy Note 3. And now, Samsung’s newest entry in their Galaxy Note phablet lineup has been given the honors of starring in its own video.

Unbox Therapy makes many notes in the video, indicating that this is not an official stress test by any means, and that it’s entirely meant to show just how much force can be applied to a device with his own hands to try and get something to bend. He also mentions that the Galaxy Note 3 from last year set a high mark for bend tests, and that’s one reason why the Galaxy Note 4 had such high expectations.

Those don’t seem to pan out, though, as the Galaxy Note 4 does indeed bend after a considerable amount of pressure is applied. You can see it happen in real time, with hands flushing red and shaking from the effort. But, in the end, there’s no denying that the Galaxy Note 4, even with its metal frame, does indeed bend.

You can check out the video below. What do you think of these bend tests?

[via Unbox Therapy]