Apple’s VP of iPhone marketing, Greg Joswiak, apologizes for iOS 8.0.1 bug [Update]

image Joswiak iOS talk

Greg Joswiak, the VP of iPhone marketing, took the stage during to conduct an interview, and commented on the botched release of iOS 8.0.1 and more.

Joswiak sat down with the Wall Street Journal‘s Ina Fried and Walt Mossberg and discussed several different topics, including iOS 8.0.1, Apple Pay and supply for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Speaking about the update to iOS 8.0.1, Joswiak says that it was actually an error with the software distribution, rather than a bug in the code itself. More than that, Joswiak also apologized for the massive error that led many iPhone owners upgrading to the software to lose cellular connectivity, Touch ID support and even Wi-Fi.

Joswiak also commented on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus demand, saying that he’s unsure of which device is more popular, or which one is being demanded more of, as they are selling everything they are making at this point. Of course, Joswiak also noted that while selling a lot of phones is great, that that really isn’t what Apple is striving for, but trying to build the best experience for the customers.

Regarding Apple Pay and some establishments blocking the mobile payments system, Joswiak says that if a business wants to be truly successful then it will accept the way customers want to pay, and that Apple is focused on improving the whole mobile payments system for consumers across the board.

Update:The full video of Joswiak’s interview has been published to the original report, and you can watch it through the source link below.

[via Re/code]