GT Advanced Technologies plans to lay off 727 employees at Mesa, Arizona plant

image GT Advanced

On October 6, GT Advanced Technologies officially filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, with statements saying that they planned on continuing production as normal as they worked out their issues with creditors. However, that won’t be the case for many employees soon.

According to a report published by AZ Central on Thursday, October 16, the sapphire glass supply partner of Apple is planning on issuing a major layoff session at their Mesa, Arizona plant by December 15. The report follows a statement that GT Advanced made to the Mesa City Council, and outlines just how the jobs layoff will work out:

That includes 524 production workers, 108 technical positions, 70 management jobs and 25 administrative jobs, according to the notice signed by Linda Luman, vice president of human resources for GT.

Since the filing for bankruptcy, several different details have come to light, including Apple withholding a final $139 million payment to the supplier after not being able to meet supply needs, which may have been dating back to February of this year. GT Advanced has also voiced its desire to remove itself from the “oppressive and burdensome” relationship with Apple.

[via AZ Central]