Some iOS 8 users experiencing Bluetooth connectivity issues in cars and some devices

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iOS 8 was launched on Wednesday, September 17, and since its debut Apple hasn’t had the easiest of roads. Now, many iOS 8 users are complaining of Bluetooth connectivity issues when it comes to pairing to several different things.

According to many users posting within the Apple Support forums, and corroborated with posts within the MacRumors forums, their Bluetooth option is not connecting in the same way that it had before. Specifically, with iOS 7. Now that they are on iOS 8.0.2, following a failed launch of iOS 8.0.1, their mobile devices are not connecting to Bluetooth-equipped vehicles.

The problem seems to affect those who are not only upgrading to iOS 8 on older devices, but also those who have recently purchased an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. Those issues include not pairing to devices, like car audio systems, or not playing audio over the system even when the device is connected. Some others have said their Bluetooth connection will get disconnected, after working correctly, once a call comes in.

Now when I am connected via bluetooth, I place a call, and it says it’s going over bluetooth, but it doesn’t interrupt my car’s music, and the audio doesn’t play over the speakers. The only way I can talk to the person is if I press the Audio button on the phone and select speakerphone or iPhone as if it wasn’t connected to the car.

It isn’t just car audio systems that many are complaining about, either, as many have stated their iPhones with iOS 8 are not connecting to Bluetooth headphones, speaker systems, headsets and other devices. According to a single user, Apple is reportedly aware of the issue, and compatibility issues between the Bluetooth “used on the iPhone 6 and some car/navigation Bluetooth.”

There are some ideas for fixing the issue being bandied around within support forums and other areas, however, they include “Reset All Settings,” and then signing back into iCloud. Many users have reported that after doing this, their documents within iCloud have gone missing, so do this with the utmost caution.

It should also be noted that users who have installed the iOS 8.1 beta are not having the same issues as many users. Have you experienced your own Bluetooth connectivity problems?

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