iPad Air 2 showcases significant performance boosts when compared to original iPad Air, iPhone 6

image iPad Air 2 performance multi-core

Despite the fact that the iPad Air 2 isn’t quite available to the public just yet, benchmark tests keep finding their way out into the wild. The latest one indicates that the performance boost in the iPad Air 2 is not only significant, but certainly something to look forward to.

Primate Labs has just published a pair of charts that outline what many have been guessing ever since the official announcement of the iPad Air 2: the new tablet has a significant performance boost when compared to the original model. And, indeed, the iPad Air 2 does indeed see a big boost. In the end, it would seem that the newest flagship tablet from Apple is the fastest iOS-based device to date.

The first chart is a multi-core assessment, and as one might expect with the recently revealed three-core A8X processor within the iPad Air 2, the new tablet blows away the original iPad Air with its A7 CPU under the hood. The numbers show an 68% faster result in the tests. To compare, the iPad Air 2 is 55 percent faster than the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, both of which feature a dual-core A8 processor within their thin frames.

image iPad air 2 performance single-core

That wasn’t enough for the testers, though, and they apparently put the devices through a single-core test as well. As expected, the iPad Air 2 scored high on that test as well, blowing out the competition yet again. When compared to the A8 processor, there’s a 13 percent improvement, while the test comparing the A8X to the A7 shows a 23 percent improvement.

The iPad Air 2 (and iPad mini 3) are now shipping out to those who managed to pre-order the new tablets. A recent benchmark test revealed that the iPad Air 2 not only features a triple-core A8X processor, but also 2GB of RAM.

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