iPad Air 2 teardown reveals minor changes internally, smaller 7340mAh battery and 2GB RAM

image iPad Air 2 teardown

Now that the iPad Air 2 has made its way to people all around the world, and in-store availability is picking up, it’s no surprise that a teardown was right around the corner. iFixit, as usual, has already cracked open the thin shell of Apple’s newest flagship tablet.

With the new teardown of the iPad Air 2, the details are mostly unsurprising. First and foremost, the process revealed a battery that, as expected, doesn’t quite match up to the original iPad Air’s, clocking in at 7340mAh, compared the larger 8827mAh. While Apple quoted the iPad Air 2’s battery at 10 hours, like the previous generation, many reviews have already pointed out the shorter battery life in their real world tests. The smaller battery, though, should not come as a surprise to anyone, considering the slimmer profile of the new tablet.

As for the details of the internal layout, iFixit found that Apple kept everything pretty much in the same order as the previous generation, save for some slightly repositioned display cables. The teardown also revealed that the glued-down display is still the only access point inside of the shell of the iPad Air 2, and notes that there is still a risk of damaging it even when performing “ordinary repairs.”

The newly-bonded front panel is more rigid than in previous iPad models, and therefore feels a bit sturdier to pry against—however, flexing the glass still disturbs the LCD, even when you aren’t inserting the pick very deeply. That being the case, the glued-down display remains the iPad’s only access point, so there’s still a risk of damaging it even when performing ordinary repairs.

image iPad Air 2 teardown2

Here’s the video review of the iPad Air 2 teardown:

It’s also worth noting that iFixit found NFC support within the iPad Air 2, which seems strange, because Apple has said when it comes to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus that the NFC support is strictly for Apple Pay. However, the iPad Air 2’s Pay support is only for online purchases, and not being used with mobile payment kiosks. It will be interesting to see how this piece of hardware impacts features at a later date.

You can check out the full teardown through the source link below, but for the most part it looks like Apple kept the design quite similar to the original iPad Air. How do you feel about the smaller battery?

[via iFixit]