The Apple SIM won’t end up in iPhones, according to Apple executive

image Joswiak iOS talk

Greg Joswiak, Apple’s VP of iPhone marketing, had quite a bit to say while he held an interview with Ina Fried and Walt Mossberg at recently, but not all of it was good news.

As reported by Fierce Wireless, Joswiak pointed out that Apple’s intentions for the Apple SIM, which is an interchangeable card that can be swapped between carriers (unless you sign up with AT&T), were focused entirely on the consumer. However, while they wanted to make it easier to use different carriers for a device like the iPad Air 2, that same mentality doesn’t work as well for the iPhone. Joswiak noted that while the iPad is bought in Apple Retail stores more often, people tend to go directly to their carrier to buy the iPhone.

“It’s about the customer experience,” he said during an appearance here at Re/code’s Code/Mobile conference. “We ultimately don’t know who you are going to use as the carrier, [and] we want to make it as easy as possible.”

Joswiak said Apple has not discussed putting the Apple SIM into iPhones, but said that because of the way most customers buy an iPhone–through a carrier directly–the Apple SIM is not as well suited. “I don’t think you’re going to go to the Verizon store and say, ‘Can you hook me up with AT&T?,'” he said.”

Indeed, most consumers that purchase an iPhone do so at a carrier retail store and are attached to that carrier for some length of time, whether it’s through a contract picked up through the purchase of a subsidized handset or a payment plan on the device itself. The interchangeable SIM is a great idea for an iPad, but as it stands right now, it doesn’t make much sense for the iPhone.

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