How to install SNES emulator on your iPhone or iPad without jailbreaking

We’re big fans of retro games and emulators, but Apple doesn’t allow emulators on the App Store for copyright reasons. There’s already a way to play NES and GBA games on your iPhone without jailbreaking, and in this post we tell you how to install an SNES emulator for your iPhone without jailbreaking.

  • Open on your iPhone or iPad running iOS 8.
  • Tap on the apps tab and scroll down until you see SiOS.
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  • Tap on SiOS and you should see a popup telling you more about the SNES emulator and an install button.
  • Tap on the Install button.
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  • Now go to Settings > General > Date and Time and disable the “Automatically Set” switch. Manually set the date to two months back.
  • Keep selecting Retry if the Unable to Download popup comes up.
  • Once the installation is done, open the app, and tap on the Trust button if an alert comes up.

You can now load up ROMs of your favorite SNES games, by getting them on your iOS device, and using the “Open In” dialog.

sios snes emulator iphone

Here’s a video guide for the installation process:

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