Apple cracks down on Neato, tells developer to remove note taking feature from Notification Center

image Neato

As Apple showcased widgets within Notification Center, the possibilities seemed endless for developers to extend an app’s ability. For some, though, it hasn’t been a smooth road.

According to a new report published by Gizmodo, Apple has once again cracked the whip when it comes to extending an application’s abilities into Notification Center’s widgets. This time, it’s the app Neato, and its note taking ability that has recently been brought to the Notification Center. According to the report, Apple has asked that the feature be removed, as it includes a keyboard.

Neato was first launched in early November, and it is billed as a quick note taking feature. Once a note is typed up right from within the Notification Center widget, it can be sent to Evernote or Dropbox, depending on a user’s preference. Neato is a widget-only application, which means the keyboard is essential to its livelihood on an iOS device. Without it, Neato really serves no purpose.

We were expecting Neato to be featured by Apple, but instead Apple called us on Nov 10th, and said that: “You must remove the keyboard from the widget, Or within 2 weeks your app will be removed from sale.”

But Neato without the keyboard is nothing, and like a limp horse. We try to convince Apple. We do our best to find the best solution.

According to the initial report, Apple contacted the developer behind the app only after Neato had reached the Top 10 Business List within 65 different countries.

While the developers tried to repeal Apple’s decision, it ultimately bore no fruit, as Apple stuck to their guns. Accordingly, the developers were forced to create an update that removed the keyboard from the Notification Center widget.

This is not the first time that Apple has had some up-in-arms moments regarding applications and their functionality within the Notification Center widget area. In late October, developers behind PCalc were informed they had to remove the calculator widget from their app, forcing many to scratch their head in confusion. Eventually, though, Apple would reverse that decision and PCalc is now able to keep its calculator widget.

It is unclear if the same reversal will happen with Neato, but as it stands right now, it does not look likely.

[via Gizmodo]