Apple emphatically recommends not to jail-break your iPhone

Jailbreak iPhone

Apple has repeatedly advised users against jailbreaking their iOS devices, and in its Retail Store Purchase Policy, the company reiterates this point, emphatically asking users to stay away from “jail-breaking”.

Reddit user DurianNinja noticed this interesting bit in Apple’s purchase policy:

Making unauthorized modifications to the software on an iPhone violates the iPhone software license agreement. The common term for modifying an iPhone is jail-breaking, with a particular emphasis on the second part of that term. That’s why we strongly, almost emphatically, recommend that you do not do so. Really. Should you be unable to use your iPhone due to an unauthorized software modification, its repair will not be covered under the warranty.

Apple breaks the term jailbreaking into two, and emphasises the second portion of the term “breaking”, and advises users against “breaking” their iOS devices. While the company’s stance on jailbreaking isn’t new — it has long said that jailbreaking voids warranty — the wording of this section is quite interesting.

If you’ve jailbroken your iOS device, and want to go to the Apple Store for warranty service, ensure that you do a clean restore to remove all traces of the device being jailbroken. Instructions to do a clean restore can be found here.

You can find the entire Purchase Policy by going to this link.

[via reddit]