Apple working on a 3D display for future iPhones

3D iPhone Holographic

If reports from Economic Daily in China are to be believed, Apple is working on a new type of 3D display and building a “3D hardware software ecosystems” around it. 

The report from the newspaper cites its sources from the supply chain, who suggest that Apple is looking at TPK Holdings to facilitate the development of its 3D display since its current in-cell display technology will not work with the new display. Reportedly, the display will work without requiring any special 3D glasses.

This had led TPK Holdings to plan many fund-raising campaigns in case Apple decides on it as its partner for the next-generation iPhone.

In the past, many other companies had released smartphones with a 3D display but they all failed to succeed for one or the other reason. This year, Amazon had released its first smartphone — Fire Phone — with a unique 3D display and software that did not require any kind of glasses, but the phone was a big failure and has costed the company $170 million in write-back charges.

Back in 2012, Apple had filed a patent which revealed that it has been working on 3D interface for its iOS devices.

[Via UDN]