AT&T is tweaking its data plans again, will offer up 15GB of data per month for the price of 10GB


Since the end of October, AT&T has been busy tweaking its data plans for subscribers, and now the Big Blue network has unveiled yet another change.

Announced on Monday, November 17, AT&T has unveiled a new data plan that will give subscribers 15GB of data allowance per month for $100. There are also the mandatory access charges per line, of course. But, as it stands right now, that same price nets customers 10GB per month, so the Big Blue network is tossing in an additional 5GB for no extra charge. This new plan will start Tuesday, November 18.

As is par for the course for this type of plan, AT&T’s 15GB monthly plan also includes unlimited talk and text, and the plan is available for both new and existing customers. This new plan will be accessible through AT&T online, as well as through the my AT&T app. AT&T also says the plan will only be offered for a limited time.

Do you plan on taking advantage of it?

[via AT&T]