betterFiveColumnHomescreen allows you to have 5 columns of apps on your Springboard

If you have seen our post on betterFiveIconDock, then you may have seen betterFiveColumnHomescree in the repo that you added in order to get it. But, if you haven’t tried it out yet, it’s a pretty simple tweak that allows you to add many more icons to your springboard.

First, you’ll need to add the repo: in order to find this tweak. Once you’ve added it, just search for betterFiveColumnHomescreen and it should pop right up. Go ahead and install this free tweak to see what it does.

There are no settings to configure for this tweak, once you install it, it just works. After a respring, you’ll see that you now have 5 columns of apps on your springboard, rather than the default 4. This gives you the ability to get up to 30 icons on a single home screen page not including the dock.

Not only am I a fan of more icons per page for usability, but I’m also a fan of just the look of the 5 columns on my springboard. Here’s a look at what it looks like on the iPhone 6 Plus.


Here’s a video walkthrough below if you want to check it out:

Let us know what you think about betterFiveColumnHomescreen in the comments below!