Top 10 Winterboard Themes for iOS 8

Once you get your tweaks all set up for iOS 8, the next thing you start looking for is a Winterboard theme to change up the look of your device. Well, it took a little while before we got themes that were updated for iOS 8 and the iPhone 6/6+, but today we’re bringing you 10 themes that you’ll be sure to enjoy.

Soft for iOS 8 – $2.00

SoftiOS 8
Once of my favorite themes for iOS 7 was Soft. It’s now updated for iOS 8 for all devices except the iPhone 6+. But we do have a method to get this theme to work on the iPhone 6+, so if you’re interested then just follow these steps and you’ll have Soft on your device in no time.

Andora – $2.00

This is another great  new theme that has a nice and soft look. It has some similarities to M’Flat in which is has a faint picture in the background on a lot of the icons. I think this theme could be in my main rotation on my daily driver.

Aelon iOS 8 – $1.99

Aelon 8
If you’re into transparent and clean looking themes, look no further. Aelon will give you a very clean looking device with its very uniform transparent icons and white glyphs. Simplicity is the key word here and I have to say that I’m a fan.

0bscure 7 – $0.99

Black themes have never been my favorite on my iPhone, but if you’re into them, then check out obscure 7. It’s done really well if pitch black icons and a white glyph for contrast. It has decent icon support, but for icons that it doesn’t theme, they will stick out like a sore thumb.

Enlightened iOS 8 – Free

enlightenios 8
This is straight up glyphs. There is no icon background like you see on most themes (except on folders). I’ve see some very nice setups with glyph only themes and they look really nice. This theme has really great icon support as well, so most of your icons should be themed when you install this free theme.

Fizz – $1.50

Fizz is a new them for iOS 8 that brings a familiar rounded look. It reminds me of the “squircle” mask that you could get with a previous iOS 7 theme. This theme has very soft muted colors and is also very simple and clean. Icon support isn’t too bad and overall a great theme.

Ace N iOS 8 – $1.99

Ace N is an updated theme that has a very distinctive look. The nice thing about this theme is that even if some of your icons aren’t themed, they are still masked to match the rest of the theme. If you’re into bright colors with a unique icon mask, then definitely check this theme out.

Enkel – $1.49

Enkel is probably one of my favorite themes right now. It’s not released just yet, but it is already submitted to Cydia and should be out within the next couple of days. It has a very soft palette and just looks very nice when chosen with the right background. The colors are a bit flat and faded, but it just looks great on a jailbroken iPhone.

Ayecon – $2.99

If you’ve been around in the jailbreaking world for a while, then you know about Ayecon. This is a very skeuomorphic type theme that doesn’t necessarily fit in with the flat design of iOS 8, but it still does have a following with it’s incredible attention to detail and very interesting design.

Axla 2 – $2.99

This is a bright colored theme that looks nice on a lot of different backgrounds. The colors contrast very well with each other and still fits in with some icons that aren’t themed.
If you want to see these themes in action, be sure to check out the video below:

Let us know what theme you’re using in the comments below!