Watchboard brings the Apple Watch UI to your iPhone

If you remember the tweak we covered called Aeternum, then Watchboard may look a little familiar. While it gives you the same type of Apple Watch interface, it does have some different independent features to check out.

The Apple Watch UI has been a big hit ever since Aeternum was released, but Watchboard does have a little bit of a different look. Once you install this tweak, make sure you enable it in the settings. Once it’s enabled, it’s immediately ready to play with, no respring required.

You also have 2 other toggles to customize the look a of the new UI. You can toggle on/off the circular icons and get the native shaped icons and you can turn off the icon labels for a cleaner look.


A nice thing about the icon labels is that they aren’t always visible. If the icons are further from the middle of the screen then the icons are smaller and the icon labels don’t populate.

A nice added feature to the Watchboard is the ability to change the spacing of the icons on the springboard. For the extreme, you can get them basically right on top of each other or incredibly far apart. My spacing is just a little bit less than half way. I find that looks the best for my taste.

If you want to see this tweak in action, be sure to check out the video below!

Let us know what you think about Watchboard and if you plan on picking it up!