Apple asks developer behind Drafts to remove its Notification Center note creation feature

image Drafts widget

Ever since the launch of iOS 8, and the availability of widgets within Notification Center, many developers have run into problems with Apple and the implementation of those widgets.

One such developer is Agile Tortoise, which has recently received word from Apple that it must resubmit its app, Drafts 4, to the App Store without the buttons formerly used to create a new note within the widget. The information was revealed in a tweet published on Tuesday, December 2, by Greg Pierce:

Drafts 4 is the latest edition of the popular Drafts app, of which the latest version of the app was released in October. With the app, users can do a wide assortment of things, like take notes, create calendar events, messages and more. Additionally, Drafts allows users to publish content to social networks. The widget for Drafts 4 allows users to create a new note, create a draft from what’s stored on a clipboard, or open the app directly to reach other options. This is the same functionality as other apps and their corresponding widgets.

This is also noted by Pierce, who points out that apps like Evernote have this same sort of functionality, and yet do not seem to be facing the same harsh penalty from Apple. However, removing the note taking feature from a particular widget in Notification Center is not unheard of, as Apple previously cracked down on the developer behind Neato.

What’s more, Apple has also forced other apps to lose their widget functionality in a big way, like PCalc. Eventually, though, Apple reversed its decision for PCalc, and the app’s developer was able to keep its calculator app within the widget.

[via MacRumors]