Bluetooth 4.2 announced, offers faster data transfers, enhanced privacy and more

image Bluetooth 4.2 graphic

On Wednesday, December 3, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) officially announced Bluetooth 4.2, which offers plenty of new features.

With the new Bluetooth 4.2 specification, the group offers plenty of additions to bullet point, including enhanced privacy measures, an update that allows Bluetooth Smart sensors to connect directly to the Internet, and an overall increase to the speed in which data transfers are handled. The group also notes that smart homes may be the best fit for the newest standard, as it allows the best integration with the newest Direct Internet access feature, which provides low-power connectivity. What’s more, Bluetooth 4.2 will support IPv6 by the end of 2014.

Bluetooth 4.2 is all about continuing to make Bluetooth Smart the best solution to connect all the technology in your life – from personal sensors to your connected home. In addition to the improvements to the specification itself, a new profile known as IPSP enables IPv6 for Bluetooth, opening entirely new doors for device connectivity,” said Mark Powell, executive director of the Bluetooth SIG. “Bluetooth Smart is the only technology that can scale with the market, provide developers the flexibility to innovate, and be the foundation for the IoT.

The group’s focus on new privacy features extends to the low-power consumption, while also preventing individuals from being tracked through their Bluetooth device. It is not a secret that many retailers are leaning on Bluetooth-equipped devices to track shoppers, to even offer up specialized advertisements as they enter an establishment, and the Bluetooth SIG is hoping to be the first entity to try and protect the information of users.

The aforementioned faster data transfer speeds boasts a 2.5 faster transfer than previous generations of the Bluetooth specification, according to the group. It will also reduce battery consumption, fewer transmission errors, all of which is aimed to build a far better, and more efficient connection between devices.

The newest specification is available now, but the Direct Internet access feature should be available within a month’s time.

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