iOS 8.1.2 may not have patched kernel exploit used in TaiG jailbreak for iOS 8.1.1

iOS 8.1.2 logo

Apple just released iOS 8.1.2 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, which includes bug fixes, and addresses a problem where ringtone purchased through iTunes Store may have been removed form your device.

So not surprisingly, jailbreakers want to know if iOS 8.1.2 kills the TaiG jailbreak.

TaiG team had received some criticism for releasing a jailbreak for iOS 8.1.1, and should have waited for the iOS 8.2 update to be released which is currently in beta. However, based on some initial analysis by a reddit user who is well respected in the jailbreak community, it looks like Apple has not patched the kernel exploit in iOS 8.1.2 used in the TaiG jailbreak for iOS 8.1.1.

Hacker and security expert has thinks that Apple may have not fixed the kernel exploit.

Also according to the knowledge base article for iOS 8.1.2 security updates, Apple hasn’t patched any new exploits in iOS 8.1.2. It says “iOS 8.1.2 includes the security content of iOS 8.1.1.”

Interestingly, the TaiG jailbreak used the same kernel exploit that was used by the Pangu jailbreak for iOS 7.1.2, so it does come as a surprise hasn’t fixed it yet though we’re not complaining.

It is still recommended to hold off upgrading to iOS 8.1.2, as we still need to get an official confirmation from the TaiG team. They will also have to update TaiG to make it work with iOS 8.1.2. iOS 8.1.2 also doesn’t seem to include any major improvements to warranty the hassle of updating to it, and re-jailbreaking your device.

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