iPhone 6 was #1 search term in Consumer Electronics on Google in 2014; Apple Watch #8 and iPad Air #10

Apple Logo Grey

Google today released its yearly “Year in Search” data, where it highlights the most popular and trending searches of 2014 across a wide range of categories. Until last year, the company used to call this feature as “Zeitgeist.” As expected, Apple products dominated the top 10 list of items in the Consumer Electronics trending category with the “iPhone 6” taking the top spot. 

The Apple Watch came in at #8 while the iPad Air managed to grab the #10 spot. There were quite a few Android devices in the list as well, including the Galaxy S5 that ranked #2 in the list. The “Nexus 6”, “Moto G”, and the “Galaxy Note 4” grabbed the #3, #4 and #5th rank, respectively. Surprisingly, the “Nokia X” also made its way to the list at #9.


In the Trending YouTube Videos category, the “iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test” ranked #5 — which clearly indicates how popular #Bendgate had become at one point of time. In the ‘How to…?’ search category in the United States, the “How to Airdrop” term took the top spot.

The Top Trending searches from Google in 2014 does not include any consumer electronic devices or terms but it does include the incredibly popular game Flappy Bird at #6, and Frozen at #9.

Apple products have been dominating Google Search terms since the last few years. Last year, terms like “iPhone 5s”, “iPad Air”, and even “iPhone 6” were among the top 100 most searched term globally.

[Via Google Trends]