Steve Wozniak will star in a reality show showcasing futuristic technology

image Steve Wozniak Kari Byron

Steve Wozniak has plenty of titles under his belt: philanthropist, engineer and the co-founder of Apple. Now, he’ll be adding reality TV star to the list.

According to a report published by Gizmodo, Wozniak is teaming up with former “Mythbusters” host Kari Byron to star and host a show called “The Woz.” The show has actually been teased by Byron for a few days now, since the end of November, with lines like, “Embarking on an adventure. Like partner my new partner in crime?” Or the tweet shown just below:

This new show will reportedly be all about futuristic technology, and the laboratories and other facilities “where science fiction is quickly becoming reality.” The show has reportedly been pitched to the Discovery Channel, but any additional information at this point is missing. However, Byron most recently tweeted that she was supposed to “announce a new show with the godfather of tech.”

With that in mind, new information about “The Woz” should be coming soon, so stay tuned!

[via Gizmodo]