Alleged 12-inch MacBook Air display assembly photos surface, reveals polished Apple logo and edge-to-edge glass design

Chinese website iFanr has published several photos of what it claims is the display assembly of the rumored 12-inch MacBook Air.

The photos show the alleged display of the 12-inch MacBook Air and the metal casing. iFanr has also published photos that compare the alleged display of the 12-inch MacBook Air with the 9.7-inch iPad, and 13-inch MacBook Pro.

If this is indeed the display assembly of the rumored MacBook Air, it suggests that Apple is planning to replace the iconic backlit Apple logo on the back with a polished Apple logo like the iPad. That would be quite disappointing, as the backlit Apple logo is pretty cool, and really stands out in the crowd.

12-inch MacBook Air photos leak - back logo

It also looks like the device would come with an edge-to-edge glass design for the display like the Retina MacBook Pros, which would be pretty nice. It would also mean that in terms of dimensions it could be as big as the 11-inch MacBook thanks to the smaller bezels. It is probably also the the reason it seems significantly smaller than the 13-inch MacBook Pro.

12-inch MacBook Air photos leak - display
12-inch MacBook Air photos leak vs 13-inch MacBook Pro

According to rumors, the 12-inch MacBook Air is expected to feature a high-resolution display, though it is not clear if it will be called Retina Display. It is also expected to be powered by the new Broadwell Core M processors for faster and efficient performance, and should allow Apple to make the device even thinner than the current MacBook Airs. Reports also indicate that Apple might make the MacBook Air in a Space Gray color, just like iPhones and iPads.

The 12-inch MacBook Air, internally referred to as “MacBook Stealth”, could also feature the least amount of ports and connectors. It could come with a headphone jack, a pair of microphones on the left, and the new USB Type C port on the right, with a reversible, thinner design. The USB Type C connector would not only replace the standard USB connector, but also the MagSafe and Thunderbolt port, as it is capable of both, driving external displays and charging.

Apple may launch the device at the WWDC, which generally takes place in June.

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