Details regarding Apple’s Lightning port goals for third-party accessories surface

image Lightning accessory

Near the end of 2014, it was revealed that Apple had made plans for third-party accessory makers to tap into the Lightning port that Apple began using at least a couple of years ago.

Now, according to a report published by 9to5Mac, the details regarding that transition to the Lightning port have come to the surface, and it outlines just how much Apple is banking on the fact that third-party accessory makers will use the Lightning port, rather than any other standard. Specifically, Apple is hoping that these manufacturers will switch to the Lightning port for battery cases, headphones, docks, and just about anything else instead of using the now standard micro-USB port.

Apple has a series of benefits and features outlined, according to the report, including faster charging times, “fewer cables and power supplies,” as well as the ability to directly charge and offer passthrough charging and syncing. While Apple is certainly priming third-party manufacturers for the inclusion of the female Lightning port on these devices, it doesn’t look like a finalized timetable has been put in place just yet. The report indicates that as it stands now, testing is firmly within the “Developer Preview” stage and that some final standards have not been given the green light yet. Manufacturers will need to test their devices against these finalized specifications whenever that happens at some point this year.

Earlier reports suggested that accessory manufacturers would be able to release accessories with Lightning ports as early as the first part of 2015, and that is more than likely still the case.

[via 9to5Mac]