Apple no longer teasing Photos app for OS X, but it’s still coming


Remember the desktop Photos app that Apple announced alongside Yosemite last year? We were promised an “early 2015” launch, but Apple has how taken down all of the Photos teaser pages from its website. Don’t worry, though; that doesn’t mean it’s no longer coming.

After announcing its Photos app for the Mac, Apple erected some preview pages on its website that gave OS X users a sneak peek at what will replace the iPhoto and Aperture apps on their desktops. But after its earnings call on Tuesday, the Cupertino company pulled them down.

Naturally, this led many fans to believe that Apple may have stopped developing the app, but according to 9to5Macit’s still coming — and it shouldn’t be too far away.

“Following a tip from a reader, we noted the change in the original version of this article,” writes Mike Beasley. “We’ve since learned that the application’s release is still on track via an update to OS X planned for “early 2015.””

The only reference you’ll find to the Photos app now is in a support page on Apple’s site that simply says “available at a later date.”

It’s worth noting that Apple gave us an “early 2015” estimate for the Apple Watch, and Tim Cook confirmed yesterday that the device will begin shipping in April. If the same estimate is being used for the Photos app, we could be waiting another couple of months for it.

But at least we know it is still coming. It’s unclear why Apple removed the Photos teasers from its site — perhaps too many users were asking why it wasn’t included in Yosemite — but it definitely hasn’t been dropped.